• Appreciative Landlord

    Dear Lucy 

    Trust you are well too.

    Thank you for your help in securing and installing the tenant .

    It was a pleasure working with you.

    Take care and keep safe

    Kind regards


    Appreciative Landlord

  • Appreciative Agent

    Good morning Lucy

    It’s a pleasure to work with someone who knows how to make a friendly and inspiring work environment.

    Warmest congratulations on your achievement.

    Thank you


    Appreciative Agent

  • Thankful Landlord


    Here are a few lines about our experiences.

    We have a property under the management of the Complete RPI Letting. Their price is on the high end but after the incident we had with our tenant, we can say it worth it.

    We had a couple of tenants for a 2 bedroom apartment which suits the selective license of the property. But sometime in 2018, they informed that 5 kids would move in with them, which brought the number of tenants to 7.  That means as landlord, we have to do something or we are breaking the law. Since we don't live in UK, we don't know the proper procedure. Complete RPI acted accordingly on our behave, they filed the section 21 notice in time so that we would not be held responsible for this.

    But we eventually wanted to evict the tenants, so Complete RPI recommended a solicitor to handle the whole case, they also conducted communication before us and the tenants.  The process was unpleasant, pricey but smooth and fast. 

    One can image the condition of the apartment, Complete RPI helped to find cleaning company to bring it back to shape for the market.

    Now it is let out again. Hopefully this time we will be luckier.

    Thanks, Complete RPI letting.

    Best Regards,


    Thankful Landlord

  • Grateful Landlord

    Thanks Lucy,

    Delighted that there has been such a small gap between tenants. Really appreciate you and your team's work on this.

    Best wishes,


    Grateful Landlord

  • Grateful New Landlord

    Unless I am missing something, offer one seems the best. Let’s go for that.

    Thanks Jenny. You guys have totally exceeded our expectations.

    New Landlord

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