Source the right investment

There's no substitute for experience

Locating properties that meet your investment objectives is both time consuming and difficult. What will perform better – a 'young professionals' flat in a city-centre, student accommodation in a university town or a family home in a country town? When it comes to performance, how do you balance the potential for capital growth with the ability to generate satisfactory income? 

With our broad property sector experience we have clear views on what to buy and where, for every class of investor. Crucially, we have access to attractively priced properties that often don't make it into estate agents windows or websites. These can include early auction house lots, planned redevelopments and bank repossession property.

With many other sources like these we give our clients access to property at significant reductions to open-market value. Purchase discounts of 30% are not uncommon and rental yields in excess of 9% are achievable.


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