Property Sale

When it's time to dispose of an asset ...

... go where the buyers are

From time to time, you may want to realise a property asset and, when you make the decision to sell, it makes sense to market it to property investors. At Complete RPI, we are in touch with thousands of potential buyers for your property.

In the first instance, we will offer your property to our other clients. Their investment objectives may be different from yours, and they may be keen to acquire, especially if it’s a property where we have a track-record of performance.

If we are unable to sell a property in-house, we will put it on the market through an affiliated local agent, one with whom we have negotiated discounts on its usual fees. We maintain contact with them, making sure they market your property proactively and effectively. Our objective is to obtain a sale quickly, at the best possible price and the lowest possible cost. This way you realise the funds from your asset as advantageously as possible.

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