Achieving the best for our clients

The rental income of an investment property is determined long before the first tenancy agreement is signed. The higher the standard of your property, the more it will rent for.

Tenants come from all walks of life and with many renting through preference, they often have very exacting standards. To maximise rental value, and minimise void periods, accommodation must be attractive and fashionable, be well maintained, and equipped with all modern comforts and convenience. Many investors have neither the time nor desire to refurbish and furnish property. That’s why we have a project management service to take the strain.

We can advise and deliver on new kitchens and bathrooms, redecoration and furnishings, rewiring and plumbing, and garden design and maintenance.

To generate the maximum return on a client's property, we know that presentation is paramount. That's what we achieve for our clients, on time and on budget. 


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