Rent Guarantee

Protecting Your Return On Investment

Even with the most thorough tenant referencing process, it is impossible to predict if a tenant will stop paying rent because of factors like serious illness, divorce or redundancy.

Working with our insurers, we remove this risk by providing a comprehensive rent guarantee.

This guarantee is very simple — should the tenant fail to pay rent, the insurer pays you the rent instead. 

Legal Expenses

The Rent Guarantee also includes legal expenses cover. If a tenant refuses to leave a property, this policy covers all legal costs associated with lawfully regaining possession of the property.

This comprehensive insurance is available exclusively to landlords whose tenants comply with the referencing criteria.

What are the limits?

Legal expenses up to a maximum of £25,000.

Rent will be paid up to £1,500 a month to a maximum of £10,000.

All pay-outs subject to insurers’ terms & conditions


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